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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Tombs unveils new song “Sombre Ruins Nothing Remains”

Gather ’round and listen to the unveiling of the brand new song, “Sombre Ruins Nothing Remains” from the New Jersey gentlemen of Tombs! The single is the second release of Tombs’ upcoming “Ex Oblivion” digital EP, for which the final single will be released in full on July 13 2022 via Season of Mist. The updated version, “Sombre Ruins Nothing Remains,” was remixed by Alap Momin a.k.a. Oktopus and can be heard on the link below.

Guitarist/Vocalist Mike Hill comments:

“For years I have admired the work of my good friend Alap Momin a.k.a. Oktopus so it was really cool to unleash him on a remix. He chose the song and I agreed; the fairly abstract nature of the original track was wide open territory for a really cool, sinister interpretation.”