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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Tormentor and Cult of Fire in Belgrade

MM Concerts has announced the first gig for 2022. The cult name of the black metal scene, the ultimate inspiration for many famous bands of this style Tormentor, are finally coming to Serbia. The foundation of the black metal underground formed in the late ’80s. Led by the lucid and provocative frontman Attila, who gained his world fame in the Norwegian band Mayhem. Tormentor will bring to Belgrade the old spirit of the raw and raw black metal scene as it was at the very beginning.

On the same evening, the audience will see the increasingly popular black metal creation Cult of Fire from the Czech Republic. The band attracted a lot of attention with their debut album, and each new record or concert made them more and more popular. Cult of Fire, together with Tormentor, will make this evening a long-awaited concert treat.

MM Concerts states:

“No giving up! There is no so-called “new normal”!
Either a return to what we essentially feel, or FUCK OFF!”