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Trend Kill Ghosts releases the single “Dethrone Tyranny”

Brazilian power metal band Trend Kill Ghosts has just released the music video for “Dethrone Tyranny”, a tribute to the renowned power metal band Gamma Ray. The version features a fast and heavy song with a strong chorus.

“Dethrone Tyranny” is the song chosen by the band to start 2021 with a positive energy and to give a gift to the fans.

Guitarist Rogério Oliveira explains:

“At the end of last year we were thinking about doing something for this beginning of the year, so that, somehow, our fans would have a slightly lighter start to the year than last year… But how could we not let go no song from the new album, because we are in the recording phase. So the idea came up to do a tribute, a cover of one of the bands that most influenced us, Gamma Ray, so we could pay tribute to this band so important to us and also give the gift of beginning of the year to our audience.”

The choice of the track “Dethrone Tyranny”, from the album “No World Order”, is a kind of sample of what is to come in the next album of Trend Kill Ghosts.

“We hope you like it and that this year is much better for all of us! Great year and Kill Your Ghosts!”

Trend Kill Ghosts is in the studio recording the new album, and posting the “Studio Report” series on social media, where it shows the recording of each instrument with comments from the members. Follow each episode: https://www.instagram.com/tkgband/

Formed in 2018, Trend Kill Ghosts brings together four friends: Diogo Nunes (vocals), Rogério Oliveira (guitar), Maurílio Vizin (bass) and Leandro Tristane (drums), who bet on power metal / melodic metal. Carrying a message through music to inspire people to kill their ghosts and pursue their goals. The band has several references to power metal, with names like Gamma Ray, Helloween, Avantasia, Edguy, Savatage and Stratovarius.

The debut album, “Kill your Ghosts”, which was released in July 2019 on all digital platforms, received great reviews from the specialized media and features cameos from Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear, former Gamma Ray and Tyran ‘Pace) in “Ghost’s Revolution”, Raphael Dantas (SoulSpell, Ego Abscence) and Lúcia Ricardo (EvenDusk) in “Promise”.

Trend Kill Ghosts is in the studio working on the second album and preparing to resume shows later this year, opening for U.D.O and Symphony X.