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Sunday, December 10, 2023

U.S. epic/trad metallers Mamorlis release “Sturdy as an Oak” Album

Epic/Traditional heavy metal quartet Mamorlis have released sophomore album “Sturdy as an Oak” on CD and digital formats. The cassette version was released in Europe through Cursed Ritual Records.

Following the band’s 2019 self-titled debut album, on “Sturdy as an Oak”, Mamorlis further refines its authentic mix of epic heavy metal and doom. The foursome combines a warm, vintage style that recalls the songwriting prowess of bands like Slough Feg and classic Iron Maiden with lyrical content covering folklore, fantasy stories, action movies, and old video games.

The band released the following statement concerning Sturdy as an Oak:

“If you like music, you’re gonna love this. The second Mamorlis album, “Sturdy as an Oak”: Six tracks that will make any traditional metal fan as sturdy as an oak. Songs about alcoholic knights, bushrangers, rat pirates, and Clancy Brown. If you’re sturdy for four or more hours after listening, you’re welcome.”

1. Wolfric the Wild
2. Salamandastron
3. The Kurgan
4. Over the Border
5. The Glade
6. Journeys of Acquisition/Gor