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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Unbowed unleash ferocious new single “Fire Of Wode”

Canadian extreme metal band Unbowed has revealed another crushing new song today, “Fire of Wode,” from the band’s forthcoming, 3rd full-length album, “Colour The Soul,” that’s coming May 20th.

Commenting on the new single, Unbowed states:

“From Old English wōd (“mad, raging, enraged, insane, senseless, blasphemous”), from Proto-Germanic *wōdaz.

“Wode” can be understood as an uncontrollable inspiration; a burning passion. This is also a hint as to the meaning of the name “Odin” or “Wodin/Wodanaz”, god of death, war, art, and eldritch wisdom. Essentially this root of his name is placing him as an infallible force upon the natural order of the world. It creates a rather formless, yet artistically manifested rationalization for a god’s potential existence within any age of man. It goes beyond the idea of a bearded man in the sky, in other words.

Humanity might mimic the gods in this way, or simply become them. When possessed by this overwhelming force we might call inspiration that grows bigger and bigger through its connection to the breath of life or “athem”. The fire of wode is furious in its expanse and unstoppable given the proper breath of life.”