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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Urferd is back with a new music video for “Strövtåg”

Urferd is back with a new music video for “Strövtåg”, a track taken from the Swede’s debut album “Resan” released earlier this year. Video produced by Andrea Mantelli.

A concept waiting years to emerge, Urferd officially saw the light of day in late 2020.

The first album “Resan” will be released on Black Lodge Records in 2022, and is a musical odyssey in both a literal and figurative sense. The album takes the listener on a journey through dark and olden nordic forests; where strife and hardships follows in our steps, yet where the beauty and vastness of the solemn nordic landscape persists and permeates. From the album opening’s depiction of a serene morning’s dawn, to the closing track’s respite of a hearth at nightfall, “Resan” traverses a multitude of captivating musical landscapes and themes throughout its eight songs. Urferd signifies the beginning of a new and additional musical chapter for its founder and sole member, Daniel Beckman (Twillight Force, Ages), and brings a refreshing new perspective to the genre, challenging the boundaries of dark atmospheric folk music.

“Resan” is out now!

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