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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Van Canto drops new official video for “Turn Back Time”

This past summer, Germany’s most thundering voices Van Canto set free their eighth studio album, “To The Power Of Eight”, to spread their unique soundscapes as the world’s most exciting acapella metal masters. Now, the energizing powerhouse is ready to impact the new year with their unique Rakataka-style by unveiling a brand new atmospheric music video for “Turn Back Time”, cut from their latest full-length. The harmonizing song appeals to the calmer side of the multifaceted outfit and showcases the wide range of creativity that Van Canto stands for since releasing their first record, “A Storm To Come”, in 2006.

Van Canto on “Turn Back Time”:

“’Turn back Time’ is a ballad that has quite a history behind it. I wrote it together with Bastian back in 1999 for our former band Jester’s Funeral. At that time, the instrumentation was more like ‘Bard’s Song’, with acoustic guitars and a lead singer. We never finished the songwriting on this one, and over 20 years later we came across it again while listening through old demos.
Since the lyrics are about what would happen if you could turn back time (but maybe you don’t even want to), we thought it would fit quite well that a composition from our teenage years would finally see the light of day on the eighth album of a seasoned band. Listening to the song now, you’d think it had always been written for Van Canto and with eight singers in mind.”