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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Vancouver’s Hunting Giants ponder domination and avarice in “Too Big To Kill”

“Mythos” is the second release from Canada’s Hunting Giants following their 2018 EP “Skyward Eyes”. They have upped the ante with this new record, offering bigger riffs, wilder stories, and more layers to entangle listeners. The primary themes in their next single “Too Big To Kill” are domination and avarice, as told through the eyes of a hunter.

The track immediately starts with a riff that brings to mind the thrill of the hunt which is encapsulated by the lyrical repetition of “Row“ as our anti-hero cuts through the waves, hot on the trail of his next quarry. As the instruments are hushed, the lyrics speak from the perspective of a man who desires only domination and finds satisfaction in ending the lives of those he hunts.

The band continues:

“One of the major singles on the “Mythos“ album, “Too Big To Kill“ is a non-stop adventure with the highs and lows of the raging rapids. This unending momentum builds throughout the song revealing how remorseless yet effective he is at killing until we arrive at the bridge, where the tables are turned and he finds himself fleeing from the beast which he sought to trap. This song is an exploration of those who love violence and the inevitable bloody end which they attract towards themselves.”

Photographer Credit – Bradley Trivett