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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Varjo-Orkesteri released “Suunnistaja” single

Finnish progressive rock/metal band Varjo-Orkesteri released a first single “Suunnistaja” from their upcoming second studio album which is set to be released on January 20th 2023 via Inverse Records.

The band comments the video and album:

“”Suunnistaja” is the first single release from the upcoming Varjo-Orkesteri´s album “Seremonia”. The opening track of the album describes pretty well the musical and lyrical line of the album.

“Suunnistaja” is a medium-tempo and melodic echo and a warm glow in the landscape of progressive rock. It´s catchy, but still weird enough to be different and feel new. When the compass needle spins like crazy deep in the dark wilderness, you can surrender to the spirits of the forest and the creatures of the underworld. Maybe you’ll get lost even more, or maybe you’ll find your roots!”

Varjo-Orkesteri is a Finnish speaking quartet, flavored by rock, prog and grunge. The band is a strong collective of the familiar “Karhula scene”, a malleable and transformable product. The band has already reached the threshold of another long play during its rather short history. The debut album “Prima Volta” appeared in the beginning of 2022, when the new, nobler than the previous album “Seremonia” was gathering its strength.

The new album was built quite effortlessly, and the 11-song “Seremonia” is a piece of consistent quality from start to finish and perfectly describes the style of the Varjo-Orkesteri. Lyrically, the band leads the listener from the viewpoints of nature, the afterlife and eastern philosophy to man himself, to the vanishing understanding of being part of the universe.

The members of Varjo-Orkesteri are familiar to many who follow metal and rock, or at least to the rockers in Southeast of Finland. Background from the members can be found in bands like Omnium Gatherum, Total Devastation, Manitou, Kaihoro, Return To Void, Demonic Death Judge, etc.

Promo pic by ​Mark Sorbus