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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Venus unveils “Artificially Prolonged Existance” lyric-video

The Athens-based technical thrash metal band, Venus, proudly unveils the lyric video for “Artificially Prolonged Existance”, a pivotal track off their much-anticipated debut album “Obscured Until Observed”. Fans and new listeners alike can look forward to the album’s release on November 14th, 2023, via Xtreem Music in both CD and Digital formats.

Originating in 2021, Venus emerged from the collaborative spirits of Giorgos Verginis (guitarist and harsh vocalist) and Antonis Avtzis (guitarist and clean vocalist). With inspirations stemming from legends such as Kreator, Vektor, Death, Coroner, and Megadeth, Venus crafts a distinctive sound that marries the raw energy of thrash metal with elements of horror and sci-fi, further enhanced by occasional death metal nuances.

Having digitally launched their debut EP, “Project Lamda”, in 2022 through Pure Steel Records, Venus spent nearly a year meticulously shaping their first full-length album. “Obscured Until Observed” promises to be a testament to their continued evolution, unrestrained creativity, and sheer commitment to their craft.