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Friday, January 28, 2022

Vincent Crowley premiere new single for the track “La Muerte”

Odium Records proudly announces the first single “La Muerte” from Vincent Crowley’s upcoming album, “Beyond Acheron”.

After 30 years of fronting Black / Death Metal underground alongside veterans Acheron, lead vocalist Vincent Crowley is pursuing a solo career. This new musical entity veers to a different dark and macabre path, being influenced by all kinds of metal genres.

“Beyond Acheron” was recorded at Sonic Lounge Studios with Joe Viers as the producer. This 8-track album has a dark sound while maintaining a great production.

“Beyond Acheron” is a conceptional album that climbs through the ladder of death. From beginning to end it takes the listener on a ghastly journey with sombre tales of doom, casting a Poe-esque shadow.

You can watch the video here: