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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Violentor announce new album “Manifesto Di Odio”

Time To Kill Records today announces the new album from Italian thrashers Violentor, confirming the record for release May 20th 2022, and unveiling its cover art (by ROK), track listing, preorders, and lead single.

Watch the video of the title track, “Manifesto Di Odio” below.

1. Manifesto Di Odio
2. La Paura Uccide
3. Facciamo La Guerra
4. Vendetta Privata
5. Ballad of the Free Spirits
6. Senza Limite
7. Siete Tutti Morti
8. Tieni D’Occhio La Tua Strada
9. Il Fondo

Founded in 2004, Violentor have grown into a classic three-piece and developed a signature sound of their own, combining well-known styles with influences from beyond the sphere of thrash metal, including raw punk and hardcore.

With four albums to their name so far as well as dozens of concerts under their belt, including many European tours and appearances at underground festivals, Violentor have built a strong following both at home and internationally, consequently ranking as one of the most vital and exciting bands to come out of the Italian metal scene in recent years. Look out for new material to take things to a next level for Violentor.