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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Visions Of Atlantis release second single “Melancholy Angel”

Visions Of Atlantis are set to release their upcoming studio album, “Pirates”, on May 13th, 2022 via Napalm Records! The band released the second single “Melancholy Angel” – a song that has already proven to be one of the fan favorites, when played live during the ongoing US tour. The single comes together with a stunning official video, including great visual effects and outstanding acting by the band around singer Clémentine Delauney, who has clearly developed further vocally and has both beautiful high tones and deeper more soulful colorings in her vocal repertoire.

The mighty new single “Melancholy Angel” is representative of the new Visions Of Atlantis sound, who with “Pirates”, reveal their most honest and intimate album to date. With their latest albums, visionaries Visions Of Atlantis have without a doubt proven that they are on top of the scene. Now, the band sets sail on an adventurous new journey and exciting chapter, marking a turning point in their discography with the upcoming album, “Pirates”.

With their eighth full-length, Visions Of Atlantis deliver their most confident and honest record so far, proving that they have definitely stopped wandering to finally unleash their rebellious side and a free spirit as untamed as the seven seas.

Visions Of Atlantis on Pirates:

“Being a Pirate to us is being fully aware and having our lives in our own hands, living and thinking freely, embracing life as an adventure with all its light and darkness. With the new album we are opening a new era for Visions Of Atlantis, fully embracing the identity we have been flirting with for several years now – making the music that truly resonates with our souls. We continue our journey taking us through darker waters, heavier storms, where all serves as background for a metaphor about personal growth and spirituality. If Wanderers was more about the bright side of our path, Pirates definitely takes us deeply into shadow work, where we are facing other kinds of monsters along the way!”

[Photo Credit: Stefan Heilemann]