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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Void Below release their second EP of Lovecraftian death metal terror

“That is not dead which can eternal lie / And with strange aeons even death may die…”
– Abdul Alhazred

Where once a proud and teeming city stood there is now a chalice of silence, lying bathed in pale moonlight between the towering luminescent dunes. The perfection of the silvered sands is punctured by protruding ruins, like broken teeth that cast their jagged shadows across the empty desert. Yet far beneath the sand and shadows this nameless city, long forgotten, still breathes. In sunken passageways and vaulted chambers, in the absolute darkness sibilant, serpentine tongues whisper their timeless words of worship. They wait with a patience that outlasts the ages and a hunger unabated for the call of Yig and a stirring in the deep…

Formed in the shadow of cloud crested hills, on the shores of dark, abyssal waters, Void Below have embraced the twin darknesses of archaic death metal and the mythos of madness, shaped from nightmares by H. P. Lovecraft. Throughout their second EP, “World Undone”, writhing, dissonant riffs crawl through the lightless caverns of horror, invoking suffocating terror and dreamlike visions from beyond the cusp of insanity. The title track perfectly encapsulates the band’s stygian obsessions; drums rumbling, a seismic disturbance in the earth’s core, warped guitar chords ringing out across bottomless chasms and a messianic voice roaring out a summons to service, a demand for obeisance and utter submission. But before that malevolent masterpiece there is so much more to behold… This flight through dark and ancient places begins in the subterranean mausoleum of “Eldritch Incarnate”; an unleashing of arcane powers that enfolds you in shadows, tearing your flesh with its poisoned claws. “Beyond The Black Mire” entangles and submerges, torments and obliterates as it melds choking, claustrophobic atmosphere with explosive fury and dark powers, while the gargantuan “Pillars Ov Pestilence” – which will be released as a single on November 17th – is the epitome of great death metal, drawn straight from the crypts and infused with the imperious strength and black magic of the genre’s greatest exponents.

The Cumbrian conjurers have taken vast strides in the scant months since their 2022 self titled EP and with “World Undone” have summoned up a stunning collection of clandestine hymns to the unseen and unknown. Endowed with a brilliant, textured production, that breathes horrid life into each of its grim compositions and artwork that seethes with sanity shattering, nerve shredding intent, “World Undone” is magnificently complete. This tome of teachings beyond the constructs of good and evil, this vial of secrets beyond judgement or understanding will be unleashed on November 24th and the elder gods will follow in its wake…

James Maxwell – vocals/guitar
Looke Norman – bass
Kyle Jenkins – guitar
Brad Messenger – drums