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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Vomitory announces European tour with Vader

“It is our uttermost pleasure to announce we’ll be joining across Europe to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the mighty Vader, this upcoming fall. Vader has not only been one of our all time favourites, but also, has inspired us in many ways throughout the career of Vomitory. We look forward to seeing all of you the then and celebrate the release of our new album together!”

In any serious conversation about death metal the name Vomitory has to come up. Following their inception in 1989, between 1996 and 2011 they dropped eight of the most blistering albums the genre has spewed up, the quartet parting ways in 2013. However, the band’s retirement turned out to be short lived, returning to stages in 2019 to celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary, and now they drop their first new full-length in twelve years, the monstrous “All Heads Are Gonna Roll”.

“All Heads Are Gonna Roll” is best described as “fast, grinding, D-beat, fist-in-your-face death metal”, it features fresh aspects that are uncommon to Vomitory records.

“One thing in particular we did was to try to build distinct choruses in the songs, which is something we didn’t put too much effort into earlier,” explains drummer Tobias Gustafsson. “We have also spent a lot more time working with the backing vocal arrangements, which we certainly think paid off very well. It brings something new to our sound. We have also tried to write more straightforward riffs, like we did in the early 2000s.”

The instruments for the record were tracked in the band’s rehearsal space, on a mobile studio setup engineered by Mats Lindström, and was self-produced. This allowed them to work at their own pace in the hours that worked for them, rather than having this dictated to them as would be the case if they had rented a studio.

“Although we had a lot of flexibility to choose our working hours, it was still crucial to keep the recording schedule as strict as possible, because it was so easy to say ‘let’s do it tomorrow instead’.”

For vocals, they went to Leon Music Studios and engineer Rikard Löfgren, which was where they recorded their last three albums. They brought in good friend Christian Fredriksson (Vulkan) to play some guitar solos, but otherwise it is entirely their own work. With vivid horror movie-inspired artwork – with a hint of anti-religion thrown in for good measure – “All Heads Are Gonna Roll” really is the whole package for death metal fans, and a stunning return to form after so many years between releases.

Vomitory line-up:
Erik Rundqvist – vocals/bass
Urban Gustafsson – guitar
Peter Östlund – lead guitar
Tobias Gustafsson – drums

Photo by Erik HanVader