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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Voodoo Kiss release new album today

The circle is closed. Due to a lack of performance opportunities for his band Voodoo Kiss, Achim Ostertag started the Summer Breeze Festival in Abtsgmünd more than 20 years ago. Today the band finally releases their debut album with a release show on the very same festival!

Achim Ostertag comments:

“It feels a bit like Christmas. When I held the finished CDs in my hands a few weeks ago, and especially the finished vinyl a few days ago, it was an incredible goal. In the 22 years since we ended, I’ve always regretted that we never managed to record anything properly and hold on to the old songs. The fact that we have now come together again within the last 8 months, worked out the 8 songs again and recorded this CD (live) definitely makes us a bit proud. And the idea of playing 2-3 songs at Summer Breeze has turned into much more.”

Singer Gerrit Mutz adds:

“It’s wonderful to see how within a few months an album and a band that had been dead and buried for so long have taken shape.
If it hadn’t been for the enthusiasm and passion of the other guys, which was so infectious and inspiring, I might never have dared to leave my comfortable “die-hard-metal-comfort-zone” and do something straighter, rockier and simply more light-hearted than with my previous bands, thus helping this corpse to rise from its clearly too early grave.
Some things just have to be thought through and brought to an end! For me, everything about Voodoo Kiss felt honest, authentic and fundamentally rock’n roll, with a good dose of NWOBHM underneath. I think you can hear that in the live recorded and very spontaneous record! Nothing was analysed to death here, but exhumed with fun in the cheeks! And if the record is too short for you: just play it again from the beginning and unpack the air guitar! We’re back from the dead to kick some serious ass!”

Current line-up, 2022:
Gerrit Mutz – vocals
Martin Beuther – guitar
Klaus Wieland – bass
Achim Ostertag – Drums

1. The Beauty And The Beast
2. The Killer
3. Nice Guys
4. The Prisoner
5. Bat An Eye
6. The Eagle in the Sky
7. No Time
8. Thousand Steps of Goodbeye