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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Voodoo Kiss released second single and live video

The circle is closed. Due to a lack of performance opportunities for his band Voodoo Kiss, Achim Ostertag started the Summer Breeze Festival in Abtsgmünd more than 20 years ago. The festival grew to one of the most popular metal festivals in Europe, but the band was buried without a sound in 2000. But now what started more than 20 years ago will be completed: The self-titled debut album is to see the light of day on August 19th, 2022 via Reaper Entertainment.

One week before the release of the album the band presents their new single “The Prisoner” which also comes along with a brand new live video.

Singer Gerrit Mutz comments:

“This video was shot at the first gig we did after a “little break” of close to a quarter of a century in Voodoo Kiss´s hometown of Aalen on July 15th this year.
You can see the fun we had on stage, it turned out pretty wild and spontaneous and the energy we shared with the crowd that night comes across even though of course nothing can beat the real deal and the live feeling! It sure is a testament to a historical resurgence and a glimpse of things to come.
We chose this song to be the second single because it´s slightly different to the rest of the album, being a little more on the melodic side and featuring the lead vocal talents of Steffi Stuber who usually sings the backing vocals but is given the spotlight here and rightly so because it was and is her favorite song on the record and so it was just logical to let her do the main vocals on here.
If you can, catch us live opening up this year’s mighty Summer Breeze festival on August 16th. Rock on and keep the metal raging!”