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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Vox Mortis is back with a new single targeting the dog meat trade

Death metal band Vox Mortis comes back to bring their propaganda to fight against dog meat trade on their latest single, “Forever No To Dog Meat”. This comes as the second single of their forthcoming album, “Avignam Jagat Samagram” set to release in February 2021.

The band was formed to raise awareness about animal welfare, one of which is to appeal to the public to stop eating dog meat. Through this work, Vox Mortis tries to uncover the dark side of dog meat trade circulation and the cruelty behind it until it is served as food. Doni Herdaru (vocals), who is also the founder of Animal Defenders Indonesia, chose Metal as the medium for a reason. He wants to put a different perspective on this community which often gets negative stigma, even could bring positive messages about animals.

He states:

“Yes, we have to choose Metal. Because Metal is related to rebellion against normative ideas and shackles of conservative themes. We rebelled over the injustice of these animals.”

This single also refutes rumors regarding the efficacy of eating dog meat, as many people think. Apart from not being empirically proven, Doni’s activity as an animal rescue made him firmly refuse to use pets as food materials.

Meanwhile, consuming dog meat for communities in certain regions in Indonesia is considered a cultural tradition. Regarding this, Doni also denied that dog meat was involved in any ritual or a cultural product. According to his statement, consuming dog meat in certain communities is a habit.

“There is something wrong with this habit and needs to be fixed.”