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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Welcome To The Asylum: February 2021

A collaboration between Abaddon Magazine, The Dark Side of Metal radio show and Headshot Music digital magazine. A mix of old favorites and brand new Metal releases, delivers black metal special this February!

Today’s show includes:

Mercyful Fate – Come To The Sabbath
Kolac – Gde su sada crne vrane
Harakiri For The Sky – Sing For The Damage We’ve Done
Xerion – Ruina e decadencia
Tattva – The Messenger
Impaled Nazarene – Soul Rape
Burzum – Spell Of Destruction
A Forest of Stars – Drawing Down the Rain
Speirling – Wrath of the Wild
The Meads of Asphodel – Children of the Sunwheel Banner pt 2
Bathory – Call From The Grave
Marduk – Dracul Va Domni Din Nou In Transilvania
Siebenburgen – Nattskracken
Immortal – Mountains Of Might
Lux Occulta – The Birth Of The Race
Profanum – The Descent Into Medieval Darkness
Tyhjä – Vain Yksi Voi Olla
Wolves Of Perdition – King Death
Emperor – The Eruption
Akercocke – Infernal Rites

Tune in on the link below!