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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Welcome To The Asylum: January 2021

A collaboration between Abaddon Magazine, The Dark Side of Metal radio show and Headshot Music digital magazine. A mix of old favorites and brand new Metal releases, all chosen by 5 inhabitants of the asylum. All 5 lunatics on the show this month! And they prepared for you:

Children Of Bodom – Kick in a Spleen
Cattle Decapitation – Finish Them
Anguish Sublime – The Next Apocalypse
Apraxic – Putrid Prison
Therion – Tuonela
Rage In My Eyes – Death Sleepers
U.D.O. – Rising High
Ragnarok – Heir of Darkness
Vengeful Spectre – Wailing Wrath
Scald – Night Sky
Coldun – Grand Sun Ritual
Bent Out Of Shape – Paying Tribute
Exorcizphobia – Digitotality
Mind Driller – Prophecy
Alpha Boys – Drunk On A Sunday
Injector – March To Kill
Marco Garau’s Magic Opera – Thief Of Souls
Nightfall – Killing Moon
Desolation – Blindsight
Rotting Christ – Fgmenth, Thy Gift
Goditha – There He Is
Avaland – Theater of Sorcery
Pink Floyd – Lucifer Sam
Trollfest – Don’t Worry Be Happy

Tune in on the link below!