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Welcome To The Asylum – May Edition

Created by Smorg and Abaddon Magazine, Welcome To The Asylum – May Edition, is now available at: https://hearthis.at/smorg-radio/wtta-may/

This time, you can listen:

Kolac – Eppur Si Muove
Artificial Sun – Hell-o
Infinity – Hakathriel
Citizen Rage – What’s It To You
Vantablack Warship – Hunting the Recruiter
AxMinister- Vlad The Impaler… Forests of Impalement
Vomitory – Raped, Strangled, Sodomized, Dead
Neven – Nisam Sam
Majak – Poplave
Nabod – Ustanak
Chemical Tomb – BBG
Bednici – Jebote
Chrome Waves – The Nail
Immortal Guardian – Roots Run Deep
King Howl – Motorsound