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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Wicked Razor opens wide 80’s nostalgia in new single

The Brazilian hard rockers Wicked Razor recently released the iconic and energetic track “Back 2 The 80’s” as a single and music video, featuring renowned musicians from the hard n’ heavy Brazilian scene Rodrigo Marenna (vocals/Marenna) and Alexsandro Gabrielli (guitar/Fighter).

Influenced by bands like Guns N’ Roses, WASP and Mötley Crüe, and because of the track’s title itself, which already opens up a true nostalgic ode to the fervent 80’s, Wicked Razor intensely and vigorously bring together the exquisite union between Hard Rock and Glam Rock with the weight of heavy metal, all equipped with a darker and more aggressive footprint, in addition to a differentiated look and stage presence, which captivate metal fans devoid of prejudice.

Produced by Jean Pietro and Robson Marques (Mystic Horizon Studio, in Curitiba/Parana) and with an 80’s ambiance, mixing and mastering by Jonas Godoy (Linha Sonora Studio, in Caxias do Sul/Rio Grande do Sul), “Back 2 The 80’s” is the fifth single released by the quintet and will be featured on the upcoming debut album entitled “The Bad Boys Guide” to be released later this year.

In this single, in addition to all the nostalgic atmosphere of the 80s that instantly reminds us of a time so full of energy and joy, without cancellations and/or annoying haters, from the first hearing we can notice all the contrast between Jean Pietro (vocals), who has a dirtier and more aggressive vocal, with the more melodic and clean side of Rodrigo Marenna, both complementing each other in the creation of something new and original within the genre.

Jean Pietro commented:

“The track title came up before the song was even written. We were sure that on the debut album we were supposed to have a track called “Back 2 The 80s”, but it ended up being the last one written. When it was ready, we felt that something was missing to differentiate it from the others, so the idea came up to invite vocalist Rodrigo Marenna (Marenna) and guitarist Alexsandro Gabrielli (Fighter) to participate, and with that came more ideas that made the song even more amazing. Through these participations, what was an admiration became beautiful friendships. The two are incredible musicians, with a lot of feeling and beautiful and true artistic souls. It was a great honour to have them involved in this project.”

Rodrigo Marenna commented:

“I have known Jean Pietro since 2005 and I recognize all the effort he and the band have been putting into establishing themselves in the scene, so, as a great lover of Hard, Glam and many things from the 80s, I found the idea of this track very interesting and nostalgic. A way to exalt this theme, strengthening ties with other artists who raise the same flag, it ended up being a great pleasure for me to be able to contribute to this track and be part of this release! Long live Wicked Razor!”

Alexsandro Gabrielli concluded:

“I was honored to be invited to this project and happy to know that a band as competent as Wicked Razor recognizes my work. It is clear the blood in their eyes and all the energy in their quest to always achieve excellent results. It was an incredible experience where I tried to incorporate my influences from Eddie Van Halen and Steve Vai in the solos, mixing it with hints of more contemporary Metal. I thank the band immensely for the invitation, my partners in the band Fighter, Jonas Godói (producer), Rodrigo Marenna for sharing with us all his experience and to everyone who, in some way, helped me to be the guitarist I am today. Forward Wicked Razor!”

At the moment, the band is still in the process of finalizing the last stages of “The Bad Boys Guide”, due to the pandemic over the last two years everything ended up suffering delays in schedules. With the promise not only of rescuing the essence of a glorious time into the present day, since its musicians were not born at that time and feel part of it, they also bring a lot of inspiration from movies and comics into their lyrics, with a lot of fun in twelve tracks of the purest Hard N’ Heavy made to celebrate a style! Stay tuned!