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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Wishing Well have released a new single titled “Flying Finn”

Finnish classic metal act Wishing Well have released a new single, titled “Flying Finn”. The band surprises with a lengthy instrumental song that features many parts and progressive elements. The song was recorded in E-Studio, Finland, where the band also shot a video for the song. Although the new song is instrumental, it features band’s new vocalist Pepe Tamminen as the protagonist on the video, skiing across the snowy landscape in a hurry to get to the studio to play with the band. “Flying Finn” also marks the debut appearance of Matti Kotkavuori on bass. There’s also a cameo appearance by legendary hard rock vocalist Graham Bonnet, with whom the band worked on their debut album “Chasing Rainbows” in 2016.

Anssi Korkiakoski, the guitar player of Wishing Well who also wrote the song, says:

“This time we wanted to do something different and this track gave us a perfect chance to do that. We had a great time recording the song and we’ve thought about shooting a studio video for a long time. We also wanted to utilize winter, we’re Finns after all. Now we had a chance to put these ideas together and we’re happy with what we came up.”

“Flying Finn” is the other song of the double single, the other song will be released in April.

Anssi continues:

“These songs are the first tastings off our fourth album, that we aim to release by the end of the year. We’re working hard with the new guys but it’s all easy and fun at the same time. The feeling in the band is great and we look forward to the future.”

The band will play live in Helsinki on Saturday 19 March, at Miracle Café. They will announce more live shows on their social media channels later.

Wishing Well are:

Anssi Korkiakoski/guitar
Juha Kivikanto/drums
Arto Teppo/Hammond Organ, piano
Pepe Tamminen/vocals
Matti Kotkavuori/bass

Photo: ​Jussi Koskinen