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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Wolfpath will release debut EP on CD

Wolfpath is a Polish black metal duo driven by primal strength and anger. Led by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Void (from post-punk band Undertheskin), strengthened by drummer Marcello (widely known from collaboration with Acherontas (GR), Inferno (CZ) and Besatt (PL)).

Emerged from the fog of the second wave of black metal – bringing raw – yet powerful sound – with tearing, emotional vocals – rough riffs and luminous drums.

Band commentary:

“We have just finished work on our debut record and now we are hunting…”PERFER ET OBDURA, DOLOR HIC TIBI PRODERIT OLIM”.

Music was recorded, mixed and mastered by Filip “Heinrich” Hałucha at Heinrich House Studio (Behemoth, Entropia, Vesania). Logo was done by Bartoosz Hervy (ex-Blindead). The author of the cover is Rafał Warpecha. The photos of the band were taken by Liudmyla Radyk.

Their debut record, EP titled “Wolfpath” was released digitally 7th January 2023. CD will out 31th March 2023 by ADG Records. Pre-order can be done via mailorder and soon in distribution.

1. Cursed Moon
2. Wolfpath
3. Return Ov The Freezing Void
4. Konstelacja Ognia
5. Z Popiołów
6. Wolf


Void – vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Marcello (Acherontas (GR), Inferno (CZ), Besatt (PL)) – drums
Guest female vocal in song “Z popiołów” by Lamara