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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Wratheon is back!

As this year begins to slip into darkness and the nights draw in, heralding its death throes, Wratheon has returned, riding back into our consciousness on black winds of fury! When the seismic impact of the “Black Thrash Mass” release finally began to still, Wratheon immediately began crafting an even more powerful and electrifying follow up, a full length debut album that would take his melodically infused, explosive cocktail of riffs to an even higher level…and now the time to unveil the searing, shocking “Becoming Nil” has arrived!

Wratheon has taken everything that made the “Black Thrash Mass” EP such a success and refined, expanded and intensified its vicious, untameable essence. “Becoming Nil” is a cascade of wicked riffs, entwined in Wratheon’s trademark emotive melodies and pierced with unforgiving hooks that will capture and ensnare. From the utterly addictive choruses of first single “We’re All Fallen”, to the majestic black magnificence of “Set Your Body Ablaze”, the jagged thrusts of “In Late October” to the melancholic inevitability of “The Descent”, “Becoming Nil” is the sound of a musician transcending all expectations and preconceptions. The superb drums that drive the haunted songs of “Becoming Nil” were supplied by session musician Theodor Borovski (Second To Sun, Vintergata etc), but everything else was invoked from the creative spirit of Wratheon himself, as he explains…

“From sound crafting the tones, to writing every instrument and lyrics and recording everything besides drums. I did the drums in Superior Drummer at first, but I just couldn’t be happy with how fake and digital that sounded. Theodor was able to expand on them and make them become alive.”

Since recording “Becoming Nil” though, Wratheon has become a full band, with the addition of bassist Lillian Wong, guitarist Natalee Algozino and drummer Tulio Savatierra, which means that these songs, these glorious metallic onslaughts can be unleashed live around the world.

The sheer quality of Wratheon’s music meant that a label affiliation was sure to follow in the savagely jubilant wake of “Black Thrash Mass” – and it is Seek And Strike, a label formed by ex-members of the Century Media team, that will propel “Becoming Nil” into the world on October 20th. Wratheon are the new standard in melodic black/death metal and they are coming to tear your world apart!