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Friday, September 22, 2023

X-Empire releases a brand new music video with a renowned guest appearance

The Brazilian band X-Empire have launched their brand new music video for “Let It Die (Acoustic)”, featuring a guest appearance by the British singer Chris Clancy from the American band Mutiny Within.

The quintet currently formed by Michel Villares (vocals/production), André Marques and Ricky Franco (guitars), Émerson Soares (bass) and André Luis (drums) once again prove that there are no boundaries within contemporary metal, and those who do not try new challenges tend to dangerously stagnate in the molds of how music is consumed today.

The original electric version of “Let It Die” was previously released on the praised 2017 album “Grief”, also with the participation of Chris Clancy, but in this new version the band brought more commercial arrangements, synthesizers, approach and accents created by the current guitar duo André Marques and Ricky Franco.

“Let It Die (Acoustic)” is the second song taken from “Revised & Acoustic”, the upcoming EP that the band intends to release soon containing only new versions and acoustic arrangements for songs from throughout their career. The first single from this work was “Paralyzed (Acoustic)”, released late last year.

After that, the group will dedicate themselves to another EP, totally electric and unreleased, already titled “Catharsis”, and expected to be released later this year.