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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Yskelgroth unveils first song, cover art and tracklist

A Spanish death/black metal band Yskelgroth has just announced the details of their second album, cover, tracklist and first single. “Bleeding of the Hideous” is set to be released on April 4th, 2023 through Xtreem Music, in both CD and digital formats.

Yskelgroth was born in the year 2000 by Dave Rotten and David Nigger, both from Christ Denied & Anaëmia with the intention of creating a ferocious and savage blend of death & black, but unfortunately, David Nigger moved to Germany and the project fell apart until 2007 when Dave Rotten talked to Vicente J. Payá from Unbounded Terror / Golgotha to relaunch the band, so they both wrote songs for an album.

In 2008, Javier Fernández (Nexus 6) from The Heretic / Nexus 6 joined the band on drums and also added synths and guitar arrangements, enriching the band’s sound and concept so the first album “Unholy Primitive Nihilism” was completed in early 2009 and the label in charge of its release was Regimental Rec. from the US in April 2010, which sadly folded like a year later, so the album remained unpromoted and with almost nonexistent distribution.

14 years later, in early 2022, the three Yskelgroth members decided to write a new album and they got busy during the whole year writing 9 new songs with an even more complex, twisted and intrincate sound, which also sounds way faster and more aggressive than before with a killer production that will make of this album something really outstanding in the death/ black genre of today.

“Bleeding of the Hideous” needs to get a fair treatment this time, so the obvious choice for its release was Xtreem Music, which will release it in April 2023. Cover artwork was made by John Quevedo Janssens.

1. The Morbid Earth
2. Prone to Gobble Life
3. Omnicidal End
4. Aeons Empty
5. Plagueridder
6. Spasmic Extinction
7. Primal Expulsion
8. Riddance of the Graves
9. Path to Devourment