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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Zeke Sky presents official guitar playthrough video for new digital single “The Clock”

US based multi-instrumentalist Zeke Sky has unleashed a brand new digital stand-alone single titled “The Clock”, accompanied by an official playthrough video showcasing his impressive guitar skills.

“‘The Clock’ is a song that I crafted to shed light on the wonders of time and the mysteries of hope. It is a song of perseverance that recognizes the primacy of the desire for immortality and the strand of DNA that unites us with our chronologically most ancient ancestors,” comments Zeke who was once praised as an “incendiary of heavy metal” by prestigeous Rolling Stone Magazine.

On November 11th, 2022, Zeke Sky released his enormously lauded label debut, “Intergalactic Demon King” through Atomic Fire Records. Containing eleven tracks, Zeke’s label debut was produced by himself alongside Kevin Antreassian who was also responsible for tracking, mixing and mastering these tunes at Backroom Studios. Fantasy-laden artwork was contributed by Dafid Rizal (Insect Decay; https://linktr.ee/dafidrizal).

Zeke Sky is an American guitarist, pianist, vocalist and composer who has made continuous impact since videos of his playing and songs emerged on the internet in 2018. Combining influences of psychedelic rock, progressive metal, heavy metal and world music, Zeke goes against the grain in writing and performing bold and visionary songs without limitation, dealing with complex lyric issues ranging from toxic love to kingly conquests. In the same year, Zeke played his first live event opening for King’s X as part of a home recorded album effort. Despite the total infancy of his name, an impressive number of copies were sold of this obscure album on the web.

Zeke followed up with a pair of singles in 2019 and 2020 with updated production ethics and of course more aggressive playing, and those saw favorable reviews all over the world.

In 2021, Zeke completed a debut label effort. For this young composer, the future is as bold as it is long, for only the brave who accept the challenge will taste the fruits of the golden mountain.