Friday, June 21, 2024
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As you can see after the number of reports I produce these weeks, there happens a lot of interesting stuff. That’s probably also (I afraid the main reason is the fact I’m quite a lazy person and I can avoid something, I just do it) why I decided to write one report of two separate gigs that happened last weekend. To be honest, it actually felt a little like some kind of mini festival. Of course it can be connected with the fact my buddies from Karlshamn were in my place the whole two days.

Anyways, the first day was under the sign of black metal. Well, actually the second ensemble in my world is always an ensemble on gigs (I know rickard can be a little mad at me at the moment, but I probably will never change my opinion of what is a band) this evening mix it with death metal. Perhaps that’s why all musicians except Rickard Törnqvist, who on the stage take care about vocals, wear balaclavas during the show. This is what’s actually the only difference between them and Rickard, because they all wear boots, red combat pants and black shirts. By the way, their name, I know people outside Sweden mostly don’t know Swedish, means “Black Art”. And there are two Swedish bands with the same name, as I know. So you need to check it out by yourself which one created Rickard. To make it easier for you, even if I think it’s unnecessary, I’ll tell you it’s about this younger one. Oh, I almost forgot to say after every track, lights, which aren’t too intensive, went off. But the band who entered the gig was our Belgian guests. It was my very first contact with them as well. I had no opportunity to talk with them about it, but in my opinion they gave a good show and served us interesting music. I also liked the fact drums weren’t hidden in the background, but it was, let’s say, in the first line. Of course it could be somehow connected with the fact in placer where drums traditionally stay during the show there was another one used then by both Swedish acts.

For the end stage entered a living legend coming from Dalarna of Swedish black metal, even if it’s about real maniacs of this sub-genre of Metal, those who are quite deep into the scene. I somehow think this is in large part about people more or less in my age. I’m the poser, so this is as clear as a day it was my first time I even not have seen, but heard them. Anyways, they gave a very good show in what is nothing strange – they have existed for more then twenty years, actually almost twenty five. They played the same like Wiegedood, without a setlist. I mean, it was not laying on the floor during the show.  I can’t say if it is something normal between black metal bands, but the band opening Sunday gig also didn’t use any set list as I saw. But contrary to Craft, Pyrha is a young ensemble coming from my Swedish home-city. I liked, let’s say, the design of the microphone stand. It showed, as well as musicians’ make-up, what music you should expect. And somehow these make-ups didn’t work as it does mostly – I have no idea why, but they’re funny for me and I can’t concentrate on music totally.

After quite a long break the stage entered another ensemble coming from Malmö. The same as Pyrha I saw them a very long time ago. Actually I can’t remember when was this last time they played. And in my opinion this is a shame and hopefully I’ll not have to wait another many, many months to be able to describe Dead Sleep’s another show! But surely before that I’ll review their newest child they promoted on this gig – it was a release gig. I like very much how Anna (bass, vocal) reacts to the music they play. Of course I’ll not write what kind of metal and what other quite strong influences there are. Otherwise what would I write in review about? It was a very energetic set, by the way. And that’s what I like during the shows!

And then finally a headliner has come! It’s second band coming from India I got to know these weeks. And the second thrash metal one, by the way. And I tell you what. It was one of the greatest shows I have been on in a long time. I know, I wrote something like that some time ago, but what to do… It was both about music our Indian brothers presented and about really great, spontaneous stage working and contact with the public! Of course, for obvious reasons, the main person who kept the contact with the crowd was bassist and vocalist Ganesh. By the way, you can watch shows of both Dead Sleep and Kryptos on a portal where videos can be added by everyone who has a Google account. Hopefully you know what portal I mean. Then you’ll see with your own eyes I don’t exaggerate at all!

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