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After two long years of break occurred we all know by what, finally Malmö Massacre came back! Well, I’m not sure, but I suppose this long break was one of a reasons why so many people came. And it wasn’t folk only from Malmö, but also other cities in southern Sweden as well. Of course the main magnet here were bands who announced to play on this two days long festival. All of them (with one exception) came from Sweden. As we all know country where I live since thirteen years always had strong scene with huge number of great bands. That’s why nobody cared there’s no some foreign ensembles as headliners! But contrary to the first edition, we had two stages on here. Fortunately everything was arranged in this way it was possible to see all gigs, even if breaks between them were sometimes very short ones and you had to hurry to do it. But I managed to do it! The price I payed was not too much possibilities and time to talk with buddies, but since there’s impossible to have everything you want in life and I was there in “job”, then it’s as clear as a day what was my priority here.

And on the beginning I’d like to comfort you I’ll don’t describe every entire gig. There are at least two reasons of such decision. First one is I just think festivals should be threaten like one whole. Besides, and this is second reason, it’d be boring to read at least nine A4 pages novel. I’m sure the very most of you would give up, in the best way, after five or eight bands or read only these parts you’d be interested in. Oh, there’s one more reason why I shouldn’t do it this way just crossed my mind at the moment. It’d be boring as hell also for me to write this little book. I even don’t mention how many time it took and the fact some stuffs wait for reviews.

This festival has began for me few hours earlier then the first band (Coffin Creep from Malmö entered the stage 7 pm o’clock – and there was any delay this time, in case of any ensemble, by the way). T was of course about my Metal brothers from Karlshamn who came. Well, I’ll don’t describe on here what we ate and stuff like that! That’s not my cup of beer to do such things and I deeply doubt someone is really interested in that. By the way, these two days were full of music and beer as well – practically the only pauses in that took a place when we was sleeping… Ehheheheheeh…

We went to the club, which’s located very near my place – maybe eight minutes of walk) a little earlier to have time and possibility to talk to our buddies. Actually it was the only longer opportunity for me to do that during these two days. Especially second day was a little bit crazy for me and was mostly about running between stages to be able to see all bands and feel atmosphere of every single show. I somehow always was more in atmosphere, interaction between musicians and crowd then what songs the band played and what didn’t. I take set lists on every gig and also this time I did it, but they’re something I treat like a gadget can be useful for writing the report. And let’s be honest, tittles of songs or even releases they were taken from would say you anything in the best part of cases. There’re some exceptions like General Surgery, but I afraid this is also about quite little number of you, dear readers. Anyways, just that ensemble coming from capital city of Sweden played as a second one this evening. Of course they entered the stage in accurate cloths (but only, let’s call it, uniforms and not surgical masks; well especially in case of vocalist it’d defeat the purpose). I have no lust to describe whole their set, song after song. I tell only, because this is i9mportant for me, they played cover of some band we can call pre-Entombed. This song calls “Face of Evil”. Why was it important for me, and the very best part of people who was there? Well, this is about vocalist of this group who died 7th March last year. And as a rundown on their show I’ll only quote words of my friend who even if was born in Sweden somehow never before saw General Surgery alive: “It was the best gig since long time I was on!”.

There played six more bands this day – three on every stage. Workshop, room where less stage is, was dedicated to ensembles coming from Malmö. It were Shmer, Völva and RazorRape. Of course, as I mentioned before, gigs took a place once there, once in Garage, so common for Völva and RazorRape guitarist had some longer time to rest before shows of both bands. Room isn’t too huge,so number of people on all of them wasn’t something very impressive, even if it still wasn’t the little one. I didn’t count, bit I think it was about thirty five to fifty eight over there. The smallest crowd was on festival’s third band, I guess. But it was huge enough to make musicians happy, in my opinion. I came late there and this relative small crowd was something what made it quite easy to go to the fist line. By the way, all Malmö’s ensembles played good shows and had a good response of the public. The best, as I remember, interaction was during the show of Völva.. It happened also some potential dangerous accident with string to Martin, but fortunately nothing happened and he could play with RazorRape then.

In Garage played Järnbörd, Teething and as a, let’s call it, headliner this evening (actually night because they has began yo play after 11 [m) Birdflesh. Both Swedish ensembles I saw before, but in case of Birdflesh I don’t know how many times – except gigs they played in Plan B, I saw then on Obscene Extreme and here things get a bit tricky because I don’t know was it one, two or maybe three times. But honestly it doesn’t matter! I mean, Birdflesh is one of these bands I could go on a gig of even once a month and it was never boring for me. But before Birdflesh stage entered Teething. Our guests traveled across almost whole Europe to play for us – from Madrid/ It was of course my very first contact with them. And that’s one more proof how many great bands exist all over the world. It was very good show with fine interaction between first of all vocalist and the crowd.

The second day of Malmö Massacre has began for us (my Metal brothers from Karlshamn and me) from, after the breakfast, visit in the store to stock up, because it was quite a lot of time to the beginning of gigs – it started at 5 pm as well. So two hours earlier then the first day. Reason was more bands who presented to us their creativity. This time the first one entered the stage in Garage and it was Cursus Bellum from my Swedish home-city. Well, actually three first bands who played this day (the one mentioned before, Obolus – less stage and Grand Harvest) are coming just from Malmö. Creativity of all of them is quite similar. And here those of you who was reading my previous reports should know what sub-genre of our beloved music it is.

Anyways, more or less quart after seven pm time for the first so called huge band has come. I wrote this “so called” because I*’m nor sure, actually doubt, if guys of MOB 47 would like to be called this way. But the truth is they’re a legend on the field of music they play. I have no lust and will to describe what it is, what bands influence Åke, Chrille and Christoffer and such stuff. I just think you should do it by yourselves. I mean, check them out (as well as all another bands who participated in this festival!). I tell only it’s totally different music then all ensembles who entered the stage in Garage this day. Except the ones I mentioned before, it was Entrails, Centinex and Grand Cadaver. I think these names speak for themselves – especially in the last one play, also, people from Dark Tranquility. These names are also guarantee of good quality not only when wqe speak about music itself, but about the shows they’re giving, too. By the way, in cases of Entrails and Centinex it wasn’t the first time for me. So I knew what I could to expect. And it was exactly like that! The same thing was with Crawl and Svederna who played in Workshop. It took of course place meanwhile -Crawl played between Entrails and Centinex and Svederna was last but one ensemble who presented their creativity on this festival. Well, I somehow have feeling this second band gave even better show then the very first time I had pleasure to see (also in Plan B ) them. I mean, vocalist was even wilder this time, I guess.

To sum up the second edition of Malmö Massacre, I need to tell you it was very good and very well organized festival Quality of bands was also on high level; that’s why it wasn’t too annoying for me I had to tun between rooms whole the time. Anyways, what I like in Malmö Massacre is a fact there play ensembles of all extreme genres of music. Metal is dominating on here, but fans of Grindcore or even Hardcore/Punk could find something in their taste of music. Personally I like all of mentioned before genres of music, so I participated in all gigs with a huge pleasure and noy onmly because it was my “duty”! And to be honest I can’t wait next summer (probably once again the last weekend of August) to visit next edition!

On the end of this report I’d like to very sorry it took so fuckin’ long time wrote this report! Well, I’ll don’t excuse me a lot and write why it’s like that, what happened and so on. I can tell you only it was not too easy time for me and just had no mind to do such thing. By thew way, this pause made also it was a little bit harder for me to do it. But I somehow managed and hope so you like it.

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