Monday, May 20, 2024
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Week went quite fast, but at the same time I was somehow nervous. I mean, I was waiting for this gig with restlessness. Well, in general I’m patient person, but any fuckin’ phlegmatic and I counted days as well. Actually I hadn’t counted too much, only six to be honest, so my nerves didn’t suffer too much. Finally Saturday has come and I could stop this annoying activity. As always everything connected with the gig began a few hours before for me. If you read at least one of my reports, then you know why this is like that. Those of you who have no idea about it are welcome to check out my previous reports as well. I have no time and even will to explain the same thing the whole time, after every single gig. Yeah, thanks to it my reports would be longer, but honestly it’d be too boring for me – I prefer to write a little less then do it about not too important stuff! I mean stuff isn’t connected very strongly with a gig. Besides, who cares what we did all those hours, what we listened to and so on?    

The first band was announced at seven pm, so there was enough time to do everything calmly before we left my place. When we entered the club there already was some metalheads and within an entire minute there were more and more of them. Anyways, we had some time to grab a beer before our guests from Lithuania began to play. They did it as it was planned, even if I somehow thought there’ll be a little, I mean few minutes or so, delay with their show. Guys promoted on this gig, as well as on the whole tour which is actually in progress, their second full-length “Colours of Filth” released May this year (hopefully review will be able to come soon). There was any set list laying on the stage, but even without that it’s not too difficult to guess Vilnius’ residents played songs coming just from this album, at least first of all. What I liked was the fact that Dainius had good contact with the crowd. Concerts this evening took place on the biggest stage of Plan B, so it was a little bit constricted. I mean, I’m somehow sure if they played on one or fewer stages in the club, it was even better one.    

After maybe fifteen minutes break, too short for me to grab the beer (line to the beer place was huge as fuck) since it was more important for me to see the show from its beginning, stage entered three guys coming from the most populous city not only of North Island, but also of whole New Zealand -Auckland. Here’s no place to describe their creativity, so I’ll tell you only during this gig three bands presented different, but still extreme, sub-genres of Metal. By the way, I hope guys will release something soon and then I’ll review it very gladly. Anyways, they got more or less the same time as the first band, which means something like forty five, maybe fifty minutes, I guess. There was also no set list in the paper version as I noticed. So it is quite hard for me to tell you what songs they presented. But there were both older and newer, also unpublished yet, songs. Crowd during their show was quite huge, surely bigger than on Sistyphean and they got quite a fine response. Maybe it wasn’t what I’d liked the most, but after more than thirteen years of living here I’m slowly beginning to be accustomed to the way Swedish people react to such energetic music.   

When they finished their show I decided, just like a lot of people -especially staying in a few first lines, to not leave a room. And I have to say it was a very good decision! It’s even not about I saw Mgła musicians in “civilian” clothes trying before their show, but about the fact with every minute crowed become bigger and bigger, so even me could have problems to come to first or second line then. When guys were satisfied with their tries, they disappeared from the stage. Of course for a while only, time they needed to change their clothes. Then they started to play stuff from the last album – “Age of Excuse”. I think most of you know it very well, so I don’t have to write titles of the tracks (especially I somehow never do it). As I know Mgła is a controversial band. It’s not about image and stuff, but about their creativity not everyone likes. But everyone who was coming this evening (and there were also quite a lot of folk outside Malmö or even Scania) enjoyed it for sure. Well, otherwise it was at least strange to spend money on tickets, and in many cases travel, don’t you? Anyways, their shows are also quite specific. I mean, they’re entering the stage, playing what they have planned to play and just leave with no word during the set. So you could think peoples ‘reaction should be similar. But no way! There was even a moment when some moshpit came. I won’t tell you who started it. Instead I will thank my buddy Henkefrom Hel(l)singborg for an idea he got almost directly after we met each other under the stage!    

It was a very good gig and nice as hell time. Well, in my opinion a gig is the best way I can imagine to spend Saturday evening, actually. And I’m happy there happens to be so much great stuff I can and am able to write about in Plan B! Now there’ll be quite a short break in gigs for me, but soon will come with another report.  

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