Monday, June 24, 2024
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My computer decided to screw me over, dying on me once again. Hence, I’m writing this review on a machine that makes the same noise I heard in my ears the morning after Planet Of Zeus conquered Belgrade’s youth center. And just when my ears recuperated at last. You know, I’m getting older and buzzing ears are not a trouble of hours. Did someone say “earplugs”?

Now, I’ve heard of Planet Of Zeus before. Most of the alternative rock ‘n’ roll world has, by now. However, I’ve failed to hear a single note of their music prior to visiting the show at hand. All I knew was the talk of a Greek stoner rock / metal band that is rummaging the scene wherever they went. They’ve delivered just that. Okay, there’s a bit left and right of the typical stoner present within. Like the “fuck all” attitude of early to mid-career Marilyn Manson. Or the confident posture on display with Danko Jones, for instance. Or the rockabilly inserts tying them to the roots of popular music. Bits and pieces of this and that… Too many to mention all, but enough to separate Planet Of Zeus from an entire constellation of similar acts.

But that was not the main factor of the show. In fact, I believe the music and exact classification of it fall into a secondary class of importance. It was the atmosphere of the performance. Somehow, Planet Of Zeus made me feel at home. They’ve seen much bigger venues and conquered much wider stages, but the setup this Sunday in Belgrade, an intimate one, among about two hundred kindred souls… It felt like they’ve invited a selection of close comrades to a rehearsal room for a party.

It felt like it was easy. All the pressure was off. There wasn’t even an opening band. It never really seemed like a regular rock ‘n’ roll show. A get-together at best. A mighty fine one we’ve all enjoyed. Even me and even when I realized my interest in Planet Of Zeus’ music has massively diminished. Not that it’s the band’s fault, because they’ve performed a masterful show. My musical taste does not overlap with the Greeks’ sonic outburst. But I still enjoyed the show more than many others that were more to my musical liking. A testament to the capabilities of these four.

Naturally, they haven’t convinced me to dive deeper into their music, explore their discography or even visit the merchandize table. But, they have absolutely convinced me to go ahead and feel that monolithic burst of energy live, whenever possible.

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