Monday, June 24, 2024
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Oh my God! Where to start, what to say! I am afraid this report will not be enough for everything I experienced that day. This was a dream come true moment and I still can’t believe I saw Finntroll and especially Metsatöll on Saturday night at Dorcol Platz, Belgrade. Going through the tales and legends of Finland and Estonia. We got into some fairy tale which still lasts in my head.

To live in such a big city as Belgrade is never easy, specially for us who have short legs so going somewhere takes time, you are or earlier half an hour or you are late for something so this time on my own shame I was late for first two songs of band Suotana from Finland. Wow! What a band! I didn’t know anything about them till last night and I must say they are one pleasant surprise to me. Their energy is on the level of big names of the scene and they proved to us how good musicians they are! Melodic death is one tricky genre and much creativity and energy band needs to make it sound good. They were playing on the stage like professionals! I am not sure how many people were there during their part of the show but I am sure they managed to attract an audience because the doom of the opening support band is a bit tricky. I was so focused on them that I didn’t see that Dorcol Platz was filling rapidly. Voice range of mister Tuomo Marttinen is unbelievable, in combination with his shamanic energy and ability to connect with the audience made him the perfect frontman! On a song “River Ounas” Suotana bought us till the end of time! I hope I will have a chance to talk with these gentlemen because a big career is a path they are approaching.

On stage very quickly came Metsatöll from far Estonia and I was the happiest girl in the World! They took us on a trip through myths and legends of Baltic region and left us speechless. People in Serbia are not so familiar with Estonian folklore and especially not the metal scene so this was a chance to widen horizons! Many came for Finntroll but left as fans of Metsatöll! If someone told me five years ago that I would be at their concert in Belgrade, I would laugh as crazy as did actually, but it’s always good to believe in your dreams. Metsatöll is beyond metal, they only use metal as a tool to make their song even more powerful. Folk elements they have in songs thanks to Lauri Ounapuu make them the best representatives of their nation’s legacy. During songs like “Metsaviha II”, “Külmking” or “Kurjajuur” the audience was shocked by the sincereness they made in their art. At one point I turned around and I saw people who are just standing there and looking at them like some magic ritual. When they got from the stage and came among audience was the best moment of the show. They made a connection with us like they were there dozens of times but it was their first! I had a pleasure talking with them before the show and next to the title of the best show of the night they are extraordinary people who are in love with music, metal society, who love to travel and discover other countries and fans. I must brag a bit, on the end I even got a guitar pick on which is written “Kivine maa”, the first song I ever heard from them.

While I was trying to manage my new role of photographer and join with others the best possible, on stage came the headliner long waited Finntroll. Trolls of Finland one of the best melodic/folk metal bands on the world. They are also the first time in Serbia and people went crazy about it. From the first to the last moment the poison made of adrenaline and surprise was possessing one by one person and we couldn’t get enough of them. The horror circus show I like to call their concerts is something unique and when they began to play they were one of the rare that had a courage to get out of regular metal sound we knew. They were headliners for the reason because their part of the concert was a deffinition how powerful metal musicians can be. Mathias Lillmans, the frontman was so happy to be there with all of us he couldn’t stop smiling and dancing for one moment. His good mood made all of us go crazy, moshpits were too good even I got in to one! Their elf ears, makeup and costumes made me feel like I got into some elfs party with a lot of beer and dancing!

Thank you for the best concert of my life and I hope this won’t be the only time to listen to all three bands.

Photos and report by Anđela Milunović.


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