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Label: Self released

Date: September 15th, 2021

We all have our beginnings. When we talk about metal and as its die-hard fan for ten years, I started from hard rock. Next stop, when I needed more energy and adrenalin, was thrash metal. Slayer, Helloween, Sepultura, etc. were my Gods. Energy of live thrash concert is a special experience which all of us should see and feel. Full of anger, resurrecting atmosphere, guides you to reveal your pain through moshes and shouts. We all need that kind of mental therapy in this plagued times.

As I said thrash metal and beginnings, this review is welcoming a new thrash metal band from Novi Sad (Serbia). It is called Architect Of Pain. Young boys, most of them the academic future of this country, are thrashing and smashing with their first album “Endless River of Blood”. Some would say too simple, some would say it’s weird but let’s see what kind of story they want to tell us.

As I listen to this album I must admit I almost forgot what is essential in thrash metal. I forgot the simplicity of it. I expected that, simple “thrashing” riffs and bloody speed, but something else happened here.

From the top ‘til the end, not even one song gave me that kind of vibe. Music taste of members is rich and I can hear it. “Endless River of Blood” opens us the door of an album, my second favourite with imposing lyrics, bloody as the Lovecraft’s stories and with rich sound of drums. Good opening, I must admit.

Among these eight songs there is none as good as “Humanogod”, my top notch. The long solo at the end and complex drum patterns. That unbreakable combination promises to be a great hit one day. The opening and background riff is reminding me of Amon Amarth’s sound. From the first to last minute I headbanged. You all must listen to it.

Next one, “Slaughter in the Court”, as I can hear has a similar riff so I assume is the continuation of the previous. I like the idea but it is not that good to have two similar songs next to one another, in my opinion.

Guitarists, mister Bogdanović and Bjelica, did a really good job here. Their solos gave a specific atmosphere to the album. In every song it is different, it’s not pure thrash metal riff, boring and fast and the most important, it has its own variations.

Vocals are a little bit monotonous through every song, but mister Tasić keeps the things under control here because without his deep growls nothing would be the same. There is no lack of originality, but a little bit of practise to hear the words that he is singing is necessary.

The best for the end. Drummer, mister Đorđe Tokin. I am not drummer myself, but something I like about some drummers is their professionalism. That kind of musicians can play pop and also the hardest progressive metal songs. Great carrier is in front of him just let’s pray to the Gods that he will continue along this path. His breaks on “Obliterating Shadows” are so unique. Some would say that kind of pattern is not in good place but I say that is the magic of it. Good job!

Cover art is not that creative but it gives us a feel of creep and fear. It’s bloody, apocalyptic and, for the first album, totally okay.

I listened to these guys live and they can make a mosh like some big stars can’t. I wish them more gigs and creative albums. Can’t wait to hear them again! Stay crazy and thrash ‘til death!


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