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Label: Hammerheart Records

Date: May 7th, 2021

Speaking of successors to Mr. Quorthon’s legacy, one can hardly find a band more successful in carrying on the torch than Ereb Altor. It’s almost two decades since they’ve stepped on the stage and the flame keeps burning as bright as possible. Proven by this short material, once again.

Naturally, the Swedes have not quite picked up where Bathory left off. They have simply took the feeling exuding from their more famous countryman’s later stage of career. Notably, Ereb Altor’s music is much further dipped in black metal canons. These tracks retain the monumental, epic touch. They are still deeply atmospheric, dark, fear installing and creeping up on you from the mists surrounding a scorched and plundered village. As depicted on the cover itself.

The said aura encompassing this EP is in no small extent assisted by the production work which gives out a feeling of great and glorious halls of ancient kings. Nevertheless, one needs to give credit to the compositional and arranging skills of this quartet. Though I cannot really complement them on individual instrumental pieces, these are not as important as the whole presented here. They do not carry the same weight simply. Every riff, drum passage or guitar solo are put there to serve the individual track as a whole. Thus, Ereb Altor was capable of putting out yet another delight for their growing fan base.

One aspect of “Eldens Boning” that really needs further complimenting is the vocal. Though the performers have not changed, I get the feeling the vocal lines are further developed since their previous record. I cannot quite explain it, or pinpoint to a definite mark of enhancement, but I do find them stronger, more versatile and better entangled in the overall soundscape.

As not much is left to be written about “Eldens Boning”, I will use this opportunity to mention that I was the guy actually disappointed with “Nordland”. Both of them. However, right around the time Quorthon ended up his mission and went on to sit side by side with his ancestors, Ereb Altor made their appearance. Meanwhile, we have all had an opportunity to witness a number of bands trying to mimic Bathory’s legacy. Like I said, Ereb Altor is among those who gave up on mimicking. They are the ones constantly paying respect to the founder of such style, but taking actual time to forge their own weapons and find their own soil to pillage.

Once you figure that out, you will be able to fully comprehend what Ereb Altor, Primordial, Enslaved or Falkenbach have to offer.

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