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Label: Fallen Temple

Date: July 6th, 2021

Darkness was always in association to extreme metal genres. Brutality of its lyrics and deep notes that simply push us to deepest and the most hidden parts of our minds. Morbidity and darkness is not for everyone but it reveals a lot to us alone.

Here, with the new EP of Erupted Evil, I discovered one darker world. A horror show with a story. As part of the song “Zombie Apocalypse” said: “When there is no room in hell, dead walk the Earth“. So I think all four songs are written in hell itself and sent to Earth in these plagued times to show us an even bigger dark.

By “Frozen Ocean” doors of hell are just opened and an eruption of doom / death metal starts to shred everything around. Going further, of course, by the song “Skin to Skin”, blasts of drums made my day. I can’t imagine how this would sound live but the definition of a good song in this genre is to make it even scarier at the end, with a piano fade out.

The last one is my favorite with a dialog from the movie “Dawn of the Dead”. An often forgotten masterpiece and a cover of the song “Zombie Apocalypse” by band Mortician. In some parts it sounded exactly the same and I am delighted to hear that.

One and only thing I didn’t like in this EP are the vocals I can’t understand, not even a single word. Like in everything bad there is something good, this deep growl just gave a remark to every song and without it nothing would be the same.

Polish brothers did a really good job here and I hope to hear a full length soon.


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