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Label: Self released

Date: September 8th, 2023

As an enormous fan of folk metal and everything that has to do with it, I thought that it’s over with that subgenre. That not so nice opinion got on my mind when I got bored with always the same melodies, bands copying from each other and you always get almost the same set of guitar riffs. Subjects got so generic that it’s boring. Generally, I thought nothing new can be brought to the table.

I am still of the same opinion, but sometimes music in all its glory can surprise us. Also, metal went so far away when it comes to combination of subgenres and fashion, so when you mention folk metal people are like: “Ha, loser, that’s not metal”. Well, elitist posers will stay posers to the end of time so back to music.

Evilon is a newborn of folk metal, settled in Sweden which is a natural source of inspiration for music, especially metal. Their path was pretty clear, Sweden offers death metal or folk. So, they decided to make a damn good combination of those two. Folk metal with a black glitter of death metal, delicious. Just as I like.

“A Warrior’s Way” is the second full length of Evilon, combined of previous singles made two years before and some new ones. Even though their path is quite clear, their previous album is nothing like this one. “Leviathan”, their first album from 2018 is more folk than death metal. More and more cheerful than epic. That’s its description in essence. Band members came and went, so many things changed and “A Warrior’s Way” is actually their opened door for good career and shiny future.

“Yggdrasil”, the opening song, makes it clear that their subject are Vikings’ myths and history. That can never be boring and, as their heirs, Evilon are actually tale keepers by genetic. It comes naturally to them. And if someone asks me (but luckily no one does) Scandinavians should be the only ones who have the right to sing about Vikings and their history sagas.

Next to “Yggdrasil”, whose calm atmosphere in the beginning leads us into this Viking journey, proves right away that these are really experienced musicians. “Jotunheim” got me out of bed definitely. Its epic energy and Mr. Tor’s vocals really made a marvellous song. On the other side, “Walk of the Damned” is a blast from the past, back in 2012. Background folk melody reminded me of why I like this genre so much. What would Vikings be without a war so, in the style of Amon Amarth, Evilon served us “Battlefield”, in my opinion the best song of the album. Atmosphere, dynamics and energy on the top level. Next to that one, “Galdr”, the most folky song of all, specially got my heart. Nothing much you can hear; some would say its monotonous because there is actually one melody with a break that goes on and on, but actually that simplicity of folk riffs makes it special. Enormous applause for lead vocal of Mr. Tor and back vocals of Mr. Kenneth Evstrand. They left a special remark on the song that really gave me inspiration to write about Evilon. Nothing will be the same without them.

This is actually one of rare folk bands that doesn’t have a female or some special clean vocal. They stayed true to pure death metal vocals that fit perfectly with folk melodies. “Valkyria” symbolically closes the album exactly like Valkyries take warriors to the never returning journey. Of course, I hope this is not their last album because these musicians have so much to offer to the metal community.

Next to all these good things there can be some potential problem. I am coming back to my story from the beginning of review and my advice to Evilon and all folk metal bands is to find a way to be original. It’s really hard because there is not so much space to manoeuvre with riffs, ideas etc. I am not saying Evilon is not original a bit, just watch it… Gods are guarding these Viking warriors so, I hope your path will be calm but also adventurous.


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