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Date: September 1st, 2022

Label: Independent

Glam rock, that shining music of the best period of 20th century, glorious 80s. I was only ten when I heard about Deff Lepard, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Cinderella. It was my favorite genre of rock. I am sorry because everything after them will be just a good or bad copy of these bands. To be honest,nothing new can’t be invented in that genre. New glam sounds more pop than rock and old ones are the gold ones. Hellrazor is one of bands that is trying to sound like old glam/heavy metal bands but with just a little touch of new pop. This is their third album so far. Eleven songs with a pure 80s atmosphere are in front of me. So let’s see.

First song here is “Hanging on by a Thread”. Heavy rhapsody is a little bit monotonous because the entire song has one melody and I have a feeling I am singing the refren all the time. But the next two songs are pure heavy metal. “First Blood” is my favorite song from the entire album. It can be a big hit and lyrics id really fitting into the teenage generation. It can’t get old. “Dominator” dedicated to all teen loves will definitely be my choice for DJ on heavy nights in the club.

Now, I can go through all the albums like this but it’s a bit boring, isn’t it? I have no more comment actually, I said a few words for the songs that bought me the rest of the album is exactly like the first two. By listening to Hellrazor and reading about them I saw this is actually a one-man-band. All applauses to mister Kasey Haze for great knowledge about 80s music. I can see he is really inspired by glam/heavy. Starting from intros, through melodies till the technique of singing. That’s cool, now in this period when music and fashion of the early 00s is coming back, listening to music from the 80s gives me refreshment. But I am afraid that is it.

Nothing original or more creative I didn’t hear on “Hanging on by a Thread” album. It’s okay for a slow ride in the car for some background music in the club but this album didn’t give me much flow or crazy atmosphere a band from this genre can give. It’s not bad of course but it’s not  good. A bit boring and monotonous atmosphere and here’s why. Not really from the top but every song after the first two are variations between themselves. I had a constant feeling that I am hearing two songs over and over again. Nice lyrics and they are actually the best part or entire album. Love, lovefights, some teen stories will always be popular and even people in their late 40s will be delighted to hear song “First blood”or “Good from far-far from Good”.

Some songs are slower some are faster but we are running around the same non-stop. As I said, not many new things can’t be invented in glam but something is missing here. I know, you don’t have to play progressive metal to sound complex  but nothing really coughs my ear. Cover photo is interesting, those hanged puppets are actually actors from the song. It’s like a little preview,good idea,one of those albums whoye CD I would by for collection because it’s pretty design. I think Hellrazor needs a little bit more originality and a crazier atmosphere if mister Kasey will continue with this project. Maybe to involve more people here with different ideas will refresh the band. 

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