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Label: Self released

Date: February 24th, 2023

Looking into the long history of metal music I can’t run away from an impression that sometimes many popular bands are too popular at one moment without a specific reason. As the time passes not so many of them leave an impressive mark. Why? Because they made music with intention to be popular and to make money. As they were growing, more and more bands from outside of America and Canada couldn’t get into the spotlight. I am honestly sorry for that.

Today, following young metalheads and their idols I run into many names, too aggressive genres and empty lyrics. When it comes to bands such as Icestorm, I am sorry they are not so popular as, for example, Alestorm or Tyr because their work is not less good then theirs.

Okay, I will explain.

Icestorm is a new name to me. Their history begins with year 2006 and let’s pray to the Gods they never stop making music. Future Spanish gods of melodic death metal will present us at the end of February their fourth full-length album under name “The Northern Crusades”. A conceptual album with a specific story and remarkable sound.

This is their first album in English and I must say the best so far. Many of us live like and copy our idols but Icestorm just learned a lesson from them. They studied from the best names and got the best moves for playing such amazing metal. Names such as Amon Amarth, Tyr, Windir are the best teachers for this kind of music. Inexhaustible source of inspiration for many bands they are the pioneers of death and folk metal. Their influence is present but Icestorm has its own path.

Icestorm settled their album in the 13th century on the North of Europe in Novgorod Republic, so they are trying on their own way to save the glorious history from the worst. Oblivion. One big battle happened between Christianity and pagans. The two armies of very brave warriors.

From the first to the last song I wasn’t bored which is really important when you are making a conceptual album. The story is long and epic and in the form of music is the best way for young ones to learn history.

Musically, every song is an anthem for itself, for many reasons. Melodic and choir parts in songs as “Teutonic Charge”, “Novgorod Arise” and especially “Triumph of the Pagan Warriors” are making epic atmosphere. But melodic parts are not so present as in Nightwish or Epica. Those are discrete moments on violin or full orchestra but if you take that away the songs wouldn’t be the same.

Aggressive death metal riffs are my cup of tea and they fit perfectly into the story of northern crusades. With brutal, growling vocals the album gets a specific dimension. Mister Marc Storm is also the singer of a band called Drakum whose influence is also felt in the album. It’s not the same genre but his vocal abilities can fit in many metal subgenres.

When it comes to bands like this if they don’t have everything in package, the listener can feel that in the sound. It’s not complete or something is obviously missed. That is not the case with Icestorm. Story with music and high production gives us the impression they really put effort into the quality of their work.

These five knights really deserve to show their music to the world. There are many festivals Icestorm should be participating in and replacing many other bands. Time works for them, so I am not afraid.

Put on your warrior armour, get your swords and organize the march on Europe. Also, put Serbia as one of your goals, we won’t get upset!


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