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Label: Self released

Date: July 17th, 2023

And this day came! The rare moment in my short career as a journalist that some band I reviewed actually put an effort into their work and in very short time recorded and released a new album! New Nattsjäl is out, folks! Fresh from the oven! Very pleasant surprise of the month July!

As you surely know, Nattsjäl is a blackened / heavy / folk metal band from Sweden. Their first full length album, that got out at the beginning of this year, “… Of Chaos Supreme” was reviewed here at Abaddon Magazine and next to that, promotion went very well so far. Now it’s time to hear and see what they prepared for us this time and is there something new to hear.

Nothing makes me happier than to hear an album made with such effort and creativity. Since I know which musical giants participated in this album, I wasn’t surprised at all by this marvelous release. Heavy metal, folk, pagan, thrash and black metal mixed; and on the top with interesting cover art made one nice package that blew my mind away. It’s hard now in these modern times to make music that actually has a soul and is not “copy / paste”. When I was working on my review for their previous, the first album “… Of Chaos Supreme” I was a bit confused by mixing a few genres of metal with Scandinavian native sounds. Now, that’s actually the main reason why they caught my heart. 

This album is nothing worse than the previous but actually a step better was released a few days ago. By the first song “I Marors Djup” that smashed me right away with a heavy metal guitar riff Nattsjäl confirmed they are seriously dedicated to this music. Rhapsody of sound with Swedish lyrics is something that only those who got used to similar sound of Amon Amarth or Månegarm would like! Vikings and all other warriors be welcome to listen!

“Only Shadows Prevail” has two very similar versions. They are both on the album. I am not very clear with that, but the important fact is that the second version features Mr. Mårten Svanborg, whose brutal voice made this song rough, epic and one of the best from the entire “I Marors Djup”.

Pure heavy metal should have more attention generally in the work of this band and especially the voice of Mrs. Ellinor Widefors who returned us to the 1980’s with her powerful vocal in song “Sleepless Nights”. This not the only song she is on. There is also “Vargmåne” and “I Am the Flame”. As some maybe know, she was also guest vocal on Månegarm’s albums and performances. She definitely made a special atmosphere on the album and with her vocals refreshed a thundering of metal!

I don’t have many favorite songs from the albums generally. I either like the entire album or not but this time the song “Vanvettets Lågor” deserves special observation with its folk bagpipe sound played by Mr. Ulf Karlsson, a Swedish virtuous on bagpipes. Magic about this song are the vocals that made an atmosphere of the opera and also the melody which is really catchy.

Vocals all together are telling a story and it’s really magical and full of energy. A break made by “Av Eld Till Is” is leading us further into the “I Am the Flame” which, with its thrash metal vibe, almost made me headbang. Nothing unusual for me when it comes to listening music.

With the song “I Skuggvärlden” Nattsjäl wanted to remind us that they are from Scandinavia and their talent for making pagan folk songs is surely a heritage for centuries in their genes. There is no other explanation that only people from the north know how to make those songs for everyone’s ear. Melody is so dark and mysterious and in combination with those sounds of nature really gives vibe of some ancient tribal music.

Not to exaggerate about the good sides, to make a balance I must say that I am a bit confused with the order of songs. Because there is a block of fast songs, then break – another blasting song – break again. It’s a bit weird, it seems like it’s not well mixed and a bit impacts the energy during listening. That’s of course a minority in comparison to quality of the album but also something to care about next time.

If we compare “… Of Chaos Supreme” with “I Marors Djup” this album is much better. They are similar if we look on the general music of Nattsjäl, but this time things just got better. Some songs “laid down” properly and Nattsjäl can freely say they have their own sound and style. This band should get more attention, be more visible and someday stand next to the folk metal giants of Scandinavia and there they have a lot. I am really glad I heard about them because there can never be enough new bands and music. So, grab a beer and start listening to Nattsjäl. You won’t regret it; I swear by all Gods. 


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