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Label: Pride & Joy Music

Date: January 29th, 2021

Fifteen years ago, when I was entering the world of metal music, one of the first sub-genres that had an impact on me was power metal. Literally, every band that defined their sound as power metal automatically caught my attention. I have to admit that Tragedian’s album “Seven Dimension” took me back to those school days.
Tragedian comes from the city of Hamburg in Germany. The band was founded in 2002 by guitarist Gabriele Palermo who had previously played in the band Stormwarrior. “Seventh dimensions” is their fourth studio album.

From the first bars of the opening and the very promising song “Rising Rage” we can guess what awaits us until the end of the album: melodic/power metal played “by the book”, so to speak. Fast guitars, standard power metal beat, high pitched clean vocals. A line of fast songs, a few mid-tempo songs, and a couple of ballads. I’ll be completely direct: I don’t have much to say either good or bad about this release. It’s a very solidly played power metal and nothing more. As the album progressed I had less and less concentration to listen to it due of its predictability. Although singer Joan has quite satisfactory vocal abilities, I have to admit that as the album progressed, he irritated me more and more. So I would point this out as one of the shortcomings of this release.

I was glad that the first part of the album “Seven Dimensions” took me back to those old days when I was actively listening to power metal. But… What we all already know, power metal is the genre in which everything has been said a long time ago. If it was 1997 now, this album would probably have attracted more attention. Today in 2021, Tragedian’s “Seven dimensions” is just another drop in the ocean of power metal albums.

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