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Label: Base Record Production

Date: October 1st, 2019

With all due respect to a guy in Tehran, Iran, looking to imprint his project on the global scene, I got tired of writing this review even before I started. I get that it is probably extremely difficult to practice such musical extravaganza in Iran. Maybe even completely illegal. Still, this is as far from my musical interests as it possibly could’ve been.

I must note that this is definitely not the worst album of this genre I’ve had the chance to examine. Ultra brutal death metal, often bordering on grind core, has a small but dedicated crowd. Oh, yes, slamming death metal. How can I forget this sort of explanation of the genre? It is usually comprised of super technical, but totally forgettable guitar parts, impossible for a real drummer to perform fast blast beats and incomprehensible guttural vocals. Bloody Sadism, fortunately, takes just one of the mentioned characteristics. Vocals, of course. To an extent, the other two are present as well, but not so exposed as it could be predicted. I cannot really comment on the vocals, as all I can hear is mumbling in the microphone. However, guitar parts, though quite technically oriented, do bear a couple of more memorable pieces. “Ecstasy” for instance has a couple of decently developed parts. “Lucid Dream” even contains an acoustic moment. Also, a good portion of “Eloquent Atrocity” is made out of regular death metal riffing. Nothing all that special, but it is a good show of how a record like this can be made in a bit more interesting fashion. The same can be said for drums, or rhythm section in total. Drums are programmed and do contain some parts that are just way too fast and thus completely unnatural. Still, it is evident some thought was put into the patterns used. Rhythm changes are omnipresent and there is a natural flow to the drumming sections. “Sadomasochism” is the best example of that.

Overall, this is an album which could surprise and astonish the most dedicated fans of the genre. It is evident that Bloody Sadism is more than just another one of those unlistenable slam/brutal/technical/gore/grind/call-them-what-you-will acts. Perhaps there is much clearer future in store for the band, if more caution is used to make music less chaotic. This is, after all, a debut album. Add to it the “exotic” effect of a band from Iran and there just might be something more Bloody Sadism could hope for.

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