Friday, April 12, 2024
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In a union that promises to reshape the contours of black metal, Norwegian titans 1349 are joining forces with the revered Kampfar for the highly anticipated 1349 & Kampfar – 2024 EU Co-Headline Tour. A ceremonial gathering of black metal’s most fervent apostles, ready to spread the gospel of “Aural Hellfire” and pagan might across Europe.

1349, known for their unwavering dedication to the essence of black metal, have continually evolved while respecting the genre’s roots. From their formation in the ashes of Alvheim in 1997 to their groundbreaking releases like “Hellfire” and “Massive Cauldron of Chaos”, 1349 have cemented their status as a powerhouse of Norwegian black metal. Their journey has been one of relentless touring, including memorable stints opening for metal legends Celtic Frost, and achieving milestones such as scoring a nomination for a Norwegian Grammy. Their sonic evolution, marked by ventures into ambient darkness and collaborations with icons like Celtic Frost’s Tom Gabriel “Warrior” Fischer, exhibits an innovative spirit that refuses to stagnate. In 2018, the band’s creative prowess was further recognized when they were chosen to set Edvard Munch’s paintings to music, resulting in the eerie masterpiece Dødskamp.

As 1349 continues to summon the beast of the abyss with their ferocious live performances, this tour marks a new pinnacle in their relentless advance. Alongside the equally formidable Kampfar, this co-headline venture is set to be a beacon for fans of true, unadulterated black metal. They’ll be bringing along special guests Afksy across all 23 EU dates.

1349 States:

“”Little did we know, more than four years ago, that by the time we would again go on tour in Europe, the continent was to be hit by a pandemic and a war. We have entered a time where grim realities have already become manifest, and a still deeper darkness hangs over us and has started its descent. To lend from our own songtitles, Pandemonium War Bells chime in the distance, threatening to become louder. It has become imminent to understand and take in the gravity and let the darkness sink in, and 1349 might just be the perfect soundtrack. Especially now, as we are about to release a particularly sinister and eerie album. We look forward to travel out to the Continent again and feel how the new songs work live in all their demonic splendour, as well as performing songs from our history and share their energies with both old fans and new. We are also pleased to be sharing the stage with fellow Norsemen Kampfar and our Danish brothers in Afsky who will join us on our journey southwards.”

Before embarking on this colossal tour, 1349 ascended new heights of darkness with their seventh studio album, “The Infernal Pathway”.

Emblazoned with the audacious tagline, “Aurial Hellfire”, the album maps a descent into darkness and chaos, marking the band’s continued dedication to bridging the old school with the avant-garde. The layered intensity of tracks such as Dødskamp or Striding the Chasm bespeak the band’s ability to create expansive soundscapes that echo with ultra-fast aggression and chilling ambients.

Current plans envision a brand new release to descend upon the black metal realm later in 2024. Stay tuned for the next chapter in the 1349 saga, where the “Aurial Hellfire” we experience, grows deeper and darker.

Norwegian black metal titans 1349 have returned with their long awaited seventh full-length: “The Infernal Pathway”. The album promises a journey through chaos and madness, darkness and peril, terror, and annihilation.

1349 is “Aurial Hellfire”. That has been, and continues to be, the primary concept since the band first rose from the ashes of Alvheim in 1997. Conceived around the founding members – vocalist and former drummer Ravn, guitarist Tjalve, and Seidemann on bass – 1349 completed their line-up with the addition of guitarist Archaon in 1999 and Satyricon drum-legend Frost in 2001.

When their debut Liberation was unleashed in 2003, the Norwegians took the world by storm with their intense blend of old school black metal soundscapes and ultra-fast aggression. Further assaults followed in rapid succession. Beyond the Apocalypse (2004) and Hellfire (2005) cemented the band’s reputation as one of the strongest acts in the scene.

Upon the departure of founding member Tjalve, who decided to focus on his band Pantheon I, 1349 have since continued as a four-piece – occasionally adding guest guitarists. Extensive touring aided the growth of their now massive following when the four-piece opened for reunited metal legends Celtic Frost in North America in 2006.

Impressively demonstrating that holding true to the principles of the genre do not mean nostalgia and stagnation, 1349 widened their sonic palette with Revelations of the Black Flame (2009), which was co-mixed by Celtic Frost mastermind Tom Gabriel “Warrior” Fischer. This inspired a newfound ambient darkness from the band, which was further explored on “Demonoir” (2010).

“Massive Cauldron of Chaos” (2013) was the next milestone in the Norwegians merciless advance, scoring excellent reviews and a nomination for a Norwegian Grammy (Spellemannprisen). The release sparked more festival shows as well as extensive touring, bringing 1349 to Australia and New Zealand. In 2018, the Munch Museum and Innovation Norway chose 1349 as one of four bands to create a song based on the paintings of Edvard Munch. As a result, the single Dødskamp was released earlier this year.

After performing a fiery show at Norway’s Inferno festival this year, 1349 started recording in Amper Tone studios and Studio Nyhagen with engineer Jarrett Pritchard. Thus, “The Infernal Pathway” was born, a sonic parallel to summoning and unleashing the beast of the abyss in all its fearsome, ferocious, and powerful splendour.

Ravn – vocals
Archaon – guitar
Frost – drums
Seidemann – bass
Photo by © Dmitry Valberg

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