Sunday, July 21, 2024
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As the first large-scale open-air event of its kind in the country’s west, the Rock la Mures festival seeks to create a lasting impression with its twelfth edition.

A line-up that is already regarded as one of the most electrifying of its kind to date, bringing together both international punk-rock stars and some of the most promising bands of recent years in Europe, Rock la Mures becomes a gathering place for fans of Romanian niche music.

Diversity has always been an element by which the organizers have guided their principles, with fences of any kind being kept out of the festival gates, and this is purely because Rock la Mureș is, above all, a state of mind, a moment in time, a special emotion.

Because of this, the event organizers have fixed tickets at a very affordable price so that fans of the beloved festival on the Mureș River will not be deprived of this celebration of free spirits and joy with friends. In addition, they offer the most advantageous group subscriptions for a Romanian festival.

You can find tickets at promotional prices here:

In addition, several new bands have been added to the lineup, with a modern sound and charming energy, rising to prominence in the European music scene. The latest acts in this year’s festival line-up are true sonic revelations, namely: Leons Massacre (Austria), Suasion (Belgium), The Desperate Mind (Czech Republic), and Glazed Curtains (Austria).

With millions of listens on all streaming platforms and notable performances on the most important stages in Europe, the bands mentioned above are even considered benchmarks of new trends in punk rock.

As a metal band that was founded in 2009 in Graz, Austria, Leons Massacre has made incredible strides towards the forefront of the European metal scene in recent years. From Mozart’s homeland, the band proposes a stylistically intriguing approach that combines elements of modern metal with fragments from the vast universe of avant-garde music.

Leons Massacre represents a versatile mix of hardcore and nu-metal elements in which, for a more dynamic sound, they combine harsh growl sections with rap fragments and super catchy melodic choruses delivered in a clean voice to create real bursts of energy in their performances.

Founded in 2013 in Liège, Belgium, Suasion is one of the most exciting growing metal bands in Europe today. Using a complex stylistic approach that frames genres such as electronica or cinematic pop with an energetic modern metal background, the Belgian group is able to create a unique atmosphere in their live performances.

In January 2023, they released their second opus “The Infinite” – a concept movie album: a complete story told through 12 cinematic videos supported by each song.

The Desperate Mind was formed in 2011 in Blansko, Czech Republic by two high school friends, Martin J. Polák (vocals/guitar) and Tomáš Ondra (guitar), under the name Green Talent. Naturally inspired by two of their favorite bands, Green Day and Billy Talent.

A series of discographic materials, well received at the time, helped The Desperate Mind to refine their sound, but, as you know, first loves are never forgotten, so their music is reminiscent of bands such as the ones listed above.

Inspired, therefore, by skate punk that was very catchy in the United States at the beginning of the 2000s, The Desperate Mind has become one of the most appreciated bands of this genre at the European level.

Since its inception in 2019, in Vienna, Austria, Glazed Curtains has strived to produce bold music, characterized by harsh riffs reminiscent of grunge riffs from the ’90s, as well as modern elements that remind you of British indie with eccentric nuances, somewhat sexy, but also sad at times, reminiscent of The Kooks and The Libertines in many ways.

With over one million Spotify streams, Glazed Curtains announces its intentions regarding the top-of-the-world alternative and indie music scene. This is a name you will definitely hear about again and one that you will cling to from the very first listen.

On Rock la Mures website you can find a series of collector’s edition t-shirts for both those who regularly seek such clothing trophies, old-school collectors, as well as simple admirers and supporters of the festival.

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