Monday, June 24, 2024
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Ukraine’s atmospheric death metal band HELL:ON recently released the official music video for “When The Wild Wind And The Soul Of Fire Meet”. The video was featured in Metal Hammer’s ‘The 12 Best New Metal Songs’ and is still burning up screens! In case you missed it before, you can enjoy the video below.

“Wild hunt… Unnatural prey… Restless wanderer… Ghostly illusory hunter creeps behind…
His face is wild and harsh… He raises a horn to his lips and blows out a frantic tune…
A harrowing note that knocks me unconscious…
Follow the Horn!
This particular track is inspired by the mighty Carl Gustav Jung and his work “Wotan””,

says the band.

“When The Wild Wind And The Soul Of Fire Meet” is taken from the band’s seventh full-length album “Shaman”, set to release on May 17th via Archivist Records. 

Musically HELL:ON continuing the same line as the previous. Same Atmospheric death metal with tribal and oriental elements. Just more tribal percussions, throat singing and acoustic instruments this time.

Hell:on was formed in early 2005 in Zaporizhzhia, Eastern Ukraine. Hell:on plays death metal with oriental and tribal elements. The band’s lyrics generally deal with mysticism, philosophy, and anti-religion. During the recordings of previous albums, the band has worked with Andreas Kisser, Jeff Waters, Andy LaRocque, and Marek Pajak.

In 2019, the band was nominated as the Best Ukrainian Metal Act and has shared the stage with Rotting Christ, Kreator, Marduk, Napalm Death, etc.

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