Monday, July 22, 2024
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Heavy/power metal band Eregion is set to captivate fans once again with the release of their brand new single, “Kingdom of Heaven”.

This highly-anticipated track offers a powerful blend of distinctive power metal tones, coupled with the band’s signature epic flair, promising a gripping musical journey.

As a precursor to their upcoming album slated for a spring 2024 launch, “Kingdom of Heaven” marks a definitive shift in the band’s sound, featuring more pronounced power metal elements. As a prelude to the spring album launch, Eregion introduces a refreshed lineup, welcoming Dario Fontana as the lead vocalist and Davide “Gengis” Gianforte as the bassist, injecting renewed energy into the band’s sonic landscape.

The track explores the historical theme of the Crusades, delving into the camaraderie that unites warriors before and during battle. Adding an extra layer of richness to the single is the collaboration with exceptional guest musicians, including Katija Di Giulio (Eternal Silence) on the violin, Claudia Beltrame (Degrees Of Truth, Silent Angel), and Stefano Vallino (Tesla Shamans) contributing to the vocal sections.

Photo Credit – Pino Panetta

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