Friday, April 12, 2024
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The Finnish melodic death/doom metal band The Harbinger released a new single and music video “Hollow”. The track is taken from the upcoming “Gates of Hell” EP which is set to be released later this year via Inverse Records.

The band comments:

“As the veil between dreams and reality are tangled, you descend into a nightmare prison where demons of your own making force you to question your sanity.

Once the gates have been opened they can never truly be closed, and you will be forever bound to horrors of imagination bleeding through to the waking world.”

From the cracks of concrete hell, Kouvola, Finland, rises a new band with beautiful yearning doom metal melodies and crushing death metal riffs.

The band was formed in the cold winter of 2016. After some line up changes and finding their sound, the band released their first EP ”Shadows Dance” in three singles between 2020-2021. ”Dead Ends” EP was released in 2023 and it felt like the band had sharpened their sound and style.

A New EP “Gates of Hell” is set to be released later in 2024 via Inverse Records.

Promo picture by Janne Uotinen & Janita Nyberg


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