Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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ENMY slows down to release the emotionally charged anthem “Broken Man” showcasing the band’s unique blend of hard rock and alternative metal while delivering an experience that is both fierce and introspective.

Demoralized. Humbled. Defeated. “Broken Man” is a poignant and haunting rock anthem that delves into the internal struggles of a protagonist who has always felt isolated and misunderstood. The song explores themes of self-reliance, inner turmoil, and the longing for connection. With its powerful vocals and driving guitar riffs, ENMY creates a soundscape that mirrors the emotional intensity of the well written and thought provoking lyrics.

“Broken Man” showcases ENMY’s versatility and ability to capture raw emotional depth. The track will easily resonate with audiences across genres.

ENMY (pronounced “Enemy”) is a four-piece Hard Rock band originating from Cincinnati, OH. ENMY brings a fresh and energetic sound to modern day rock and metalcore by crafting a unique blend of soaring vocals, groove oriented instrumental play, and electronic melodies. Since their debut in 2020 with the single, “Demon Eyes”, ENMY has surfaced on multiple Spotify editorial playlists including New Core, New Blood, All New Metal, Hard Rock, and Kickass Metal. ENMY has also appeared on Apple Music Playlists Breaking Hard Rock, New in Rock, and Fresh Blood. In 2021 ENMY had two of their songs “Deceiver” and “DAMN” from their debut album Breaking Down (2021) played on Sirius XM Octane. In 2022 ENMY’s single “Last One Standing” was featured in the Play Station and PC video game, Bloodhunt.

ENMY have already established themselves as a powerful hard rock force with nearly with over 400,000 monthly listeners across all platforms. Intense and raw the group brings a fresh and energetic sound to modern day rock and metalcore and command a brutal stage show with loyal fans who commute as far away as New Jersey, Texas, West Virginia, and Florida to catch them live on their home turf.

In late 2023 ENMY signed with artist-owned record label FiXT, joining the label’s exclusive roster for a multi-album deal. Kicking off the partnership, the band worked with FiXT on a special deluxe edition version of the debut album Breaking Down, expanded with additional tracks and the all new Cinematic Version of “Never Healing” with additional bonus material and new music coming in 2024.

“Broken Man” is available now on all platforms from FiXT.

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