Friday, June 14, 2024
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Finnish black metal band Curse Upon A Prayer is set to release their fourth studio album “The Worship: Orthoprax Satanism” later in July 26th 2024. CD version is released by The Cursed Order, Vinyl version comes via Folter Records and MC via Korpituli Productions. A new single “Black Venus Erotica” is out now and it’s available on Youtube and Bandcamp.

The band comments:

“Black Venus Erotica is one of the key points on the album. Both lyrically and musically, for it underlined and tied together the actual songwriting and the approach towards making the album; The unconquerable will and the immortal hate and love. Passionately devoted for our Dear, Non-Virgin Mary and the Holy Whores who have chosen to cross the forbidden line – towards the gaping cunt of true Darkness where no man dares!”

Black summer 2024 Minitour dates:

12.6.2024 Lahti, Torvi
13.6.2024 Turku, Nirvana
14.6.2024. Tampere, Varjobaari
15.6.2024. Helsinki, On The Rocks

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Pic by Ari XIII


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