Friday, April 12, 2024
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Finnish experimental hardcore outfit Rats Will Feast’s new album titled “Hellhole” is set to be released on May 17th 2024 through Time To Kill Records.

The band commented:

“‘Dog Technology’ represents the band in our core element: fast and frenzied instrumentation molded into a delirious chaotic form. The track’s explosive drumming, crushing guitars and screeching vocals mixed in with psycho-electric noise gives a hint of what is to come on our upcoming album ‘Hellhole’. ‘Dog Technology’ is Rats Will Feast at their most aggressive, pushing our sound to more extreme ends from the prior releases. The song is about people’s relationship with technology and power. Dogs were once domesticated from the wild, and nowadays they sniff out bombs at airports. This is a metaphor for the fact that almost any human invention tends to turn into a tool of control and discipline, and often we all want it ourselves”.

Rats Will Feast draws their musical landscape from extreme aggression and hallucinatory chaos. Hailing from Jyväskylä, Finland, the band has been touring actively in its current form since 2018. Varying between crushing hardcore, noisy psychedelia and more mellow post-rock sounds on their 2019 album “Scarcity”, 2020 EP “Songs of a Racehorse” and 2021’s “Malady”, the band’s new album “Hellhole” continues the development of the bands destructive chaotic hardcore sound.

“Hellhole” is the culmination of the band’s all the previous work. It’s a bruising demonstration of the bands core sound: chaotic rhythms, battering drums, screeching vocals, varied guitar melodies and crushing riffs with gritty low frequencies. Characteristic of the band, the album is defined by the twisted song structures and desolate, emotional lyrics which deal with the artificiality of the modern world.

1. Penetration
2. None Fated
3. Dog Technology
4. Hellhole
5. Lukewarm Futures
6. Goodbye John Wayne
7. Tourmaline
8. Replacement

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